Alexis interviews Zachary Green, PhD, professor of Leadership Studies at the University of San Diego Nonprofit Institute

USD Professor Zachary Green and host Alexis Dixon examining the tension between racial equity and common humanity

Alexis Dixon with Marty Cooper, American engineer who in 1972-73 led the team that built the first mobile cell phone and made the first cell phone call, Amanda Cagnilia, Owner- Bella Vista Social Club & Caffe, La Jolla CA, and Steve Chapel, Author, Visiting Scholar at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA

Alexis Dixon, Genjo Roshi & Professor Zachery Green discuss compassion in the time of COVID

Genjo Roshi and USD Professor Zachery Green ask if in times of COVID we can sit in complexity long enough to find, peace, empathy, freedom from ego, love, our communion with nature, and, eventually, each other.

Interview with Gentry Patrick, PhD: Intersection of Empathy and Wisdom in the Field of Science

Dr. Patrick speaks eloquently and with textured insight about the intersection of wisdom and empathy in the field of science. He reveals that nothing scientifically is compromised at this intersection – in fact, it’s the antithesis – it further promotes and enhances scientific exploration, discovery and collaborations.

Pulitzer Prize Winner Anthony Davis on Social Inequality, Central Park 5 Opera, and More

Alexis Dixon explores the mind of Pulitzer Prize winner, Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis spent several years working on his Pulitzer Prize-winning 2019 opera, “The Central Park Five.” It addresses race and judicial inequities through the prism of a real-life 1989 event. He speaks with Alexis Dixon on his show Interiors about his creative process and views of today’s racial injustices.

Interview: Peter Rowe on the role of journalism in the time of “fake news” and COVID-19

On this episode of Interiors, Alexis Dixon explores with journalist, Peter Rowe, on the role of journalism in the time of “fake news” and COVID 19. In his 35-plus years as a San Diego journalist, Peter Rowe has covered everything from gubernatorial candidates to the Dalai Lama.

Michele Zousmer: Seeing marginalized communities through the eyes of a fine art photographer

Michele Zousmer is a humanitarian and fine art photographer. The camera is her tool to give voice to marginalized communities and witness the human experience. Michele’s work celebrates each individual’s strength and beauty, as well as their vulnerability and spirit, going beyond how one presents oneself to the world.

From Farm to CEO : Phoenix Normand

Alexis interviews Phoenix Normand, multi-CEO, who has an extraordinary wit, an extraordinary mind, a passion for learning and an intellect that never rests – he is an innovative and insightful CEO

Intergenerational Creative Explosion At The La Jolla Playhouse

“Spittin’ Truth To Power While Light Leaping For the People” is an intergenerational CREATIVE EXPLOSION of images, music, and storytelling styles reminiscent of the griot.

Between fire and brimstone preaching, the intimate vulnerability of prayer, and the invitation to fellowship – renowned San Diego poet and PLC member Alyce Smith Cooper and acclaimed DJ and musician Shammy Dee are reaching to penetrate the hearts of the people. This three-part spoken verse will encompass the juxtaposition of past/present, yin/yang, male/female with the dream of transformations hoped for and imagined. It is both a personal moment and a collective piece – a springing forward into a leap of light.

Interiors with Genjo Roshi and Steve Garber

Alexis chats with Zen monk, Genjo Roshi & Founder of WMD Foundation, Steve Garber.

Interview with Susan Fielder: How Art Expresses Beauty and Heals the Soul

Is it possible, particularly in this time, to lose everything and not lose yourself? Susan Fielder says yes. She shares her life’s challenges and how art keeps her focused, resilient, to eventually falling in love.

Alexis Dixon chats with Casper Cendre, Advocate for Dignity & Artistic Expression of LGBTQ Prisoners

At thirty years old, trans-masculine (he/him) Casper Cendre is the director and Co-Founder of A.B.O. Comix, a nonprofit small press that works to amplify the voices of LGBTQ prisoners through artistic expression.

Through his work, Casper has published multiple books and graphic novels featuring comics, poetry, essays, and memoirs of currently incarcerated queer, transgender, and HIV+ people across the US. He maintains correspondence with hundreds of LGBTQ prisoners in an effort to strengthen community ties, uplift the voices of those who have been most abandoned by our society and reduce the rates of recidivism in our country.

Interview with Linda K. Olson: Anatomy of a Love Affair

Twenty-nine years old, a medical doctor, and eighteen months a beautiful and happy bride, Dr. Linda Olson and her husband took a holiday to Germany with friends. A day of excitement and sight-seeing ended in a tragedy that altered their relationship forever.

Losing both legs and an arm in an unfortunate train accident revealed a love affair that has lasted over four decades. “Why do you love me?” she asked her husband as a triple amputee after her accident. He responded, “I married you, not your arms and legs.” Dr. Olson’s life journey reveals the transformative power of love, unconditionally. A kiss is still a kiss!

Interiors with Aidan Tan, Vivian Peji and Leonardo Caniglia
Interview: Azim Khamisa explains how to forgive